Tess Munro Pedreros

Tess is a theatrical dangler who creates intimate and innovative performances in the air. Raised in Aotearoa and schooled by the world, she has collaborated and created in almost every continent. She loves the community she finds in creative danglers everywhere and is passionate about developing aerial arts practice.

From cabaret to contemporary, Tess has developed shows with several North American aerial dance and theatre companies, and performed in some of Europe’s biggest big tops. She has been honoured to receive several scholarships and residencies internationally, including the Emerging Aerial Choreographer award to the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Festival.

She revels in experimentation and has teamed up with spoken word poets, NASA engineers, and Tesla coil musicians to bring her ideas to life. Whether making a solo act or a full length show, her work is always highly conceptual, layering physical expression with theatrical detail and creative imagery.
Tess specialises in dance trapeze and relishes its potential to incorporate rope, silks, and hoop repertoire. Her practice has a strong focus on improvisation and flow, letting one movement lead to the next and staying open to where her trapeze leads her. She sees improvisation as a form of movement meditation, staying present to the shifting influences of spin, gravity, grip, music and other stimuli, such as intentional movement prompts.

She approaches aerial with curiosity and creativity and invites students to do the same. She will help you discover your unique way of moving in the air, through exploration, expression and excitement.