The European Aerial Dance Festival was established by Gravity & Levity in 2010 and aims to bring exceptional aerial experiences to every body.

EADF was inspired by the original Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado (running since 1998) and a desire to work collaboratively to create something similar for Europe. Lindsey Butcher (Artistic Director, Gravity & Levity), Chantal McCormick (Artistic Director, Fidget Feet Aerial) and Fred Deb (Artistic Director, Drapés Aériens) worked together to create and plan sister festivals: European Aerial Dance Festival (EADF), Irish Aerial Dance Festival (IADF) and Les Rencontres de Danse Aérienne (LRDA), respectively.

We owe a big thanks to Nancy Smith in the first instance for imagining the 1st meeting to bring the aerial community together and to Chantal McCormick and Fred Deb for running with the idea of a series of ADF’s around Europe. 

European Aerial Dance Festival caters to seasoned professional aerial artists working across a range of apparatus as well as offering separate and tailored activity for hobbyists, cross trainers and beginners. Our aim is to create a friendly and encouraging environment for everyone. Find out more about our Level Definitions below.

Classes, creative labs and courses incl a breadth of aerial apparatus including: corde lisse, lyra, aerial dance harness, vertical dance, and cloud swing, as well as complimentary ground based apparatus and techniques including: cyr wheel, acrobatics, contortion, stretching, contact improvisation, dance, gyrotonics, and vayu aerial yoga. Find out more about the breadth of classes at this year’s festival.

EADF Tutors represent the best in the sector, drawing from world class talent each year. We often see popular tutors returning year on year, as well as inviting fabulous international newcomers to share their wealth of knowledge and skill. Find out more about the wonderful tutors at this year’s festival.

As a disability-led company, Gravity & Levity pride itself on creating EADF as an inclusive event. More than ever before, from 2024, EADF offers bespoke access accommodations. In week 1 we can offer BSL interpretation and we welcome support workers to all sessions. There will also be a lower sensory break space available and access table with stim toys, ear plugs and sunglasses. Our tutors are all briefed in using inclusive language and are offered more bespoke access feedback on their delivery, so that we can support each other as a sector to develop and grow. 

We are also able to offer subsidised places for people that identify as underrepresented in the sector. Find out more about Accessibility at EADF.

Level Definitions

We recognise that choosing the level appropriate for you in every skill can be confusing so we’ve tried to help out a little below and the individual class descriptions also have guidelines for further clarification.

So just because you’re a skilled fabric practitioner that doesn’t mean you have to take the same level across all your technique options.

Please note that some class levels are combined levels.

If at the end of reading you still don’t know, contact info@eadf.co.uk


If you’re either pretty new to aerial or this is indeed your first aerial class and you don’t know your straddle climb from a side-pickup, then this is the level for you. These classes are tailored for those who just want to give it a go through to those with slightly more experience.


So you’ve been taking aerial classes for a while now but are still very much learning your trade, this is the level for you.

Typically, these classes are for those who train in aerial at least two hours per week.

At the EADF several of these classes will be offered alongside explorer level but don’t fear, your tutors will be able to keep everyone learning and moving whatever your current level.


This is that slightly tricky (but also exciting place to be) where you’re definitely beyond Improver level but you’re not quite ready to step up to the skilled level. This year we’ve tried to add in at least a couple of these with you in mind.


Aimed at the more confident and competent aerialists who know their stuff. If you are looking to improve your technique and find your own creative voice in the air, well, you’ve found your level right here.


This level is for professionals or highly skilled practitioners who have maintained a high-level aerial practice over several years. Ideally you train regularly on your chosen equipment and have found the right balance for you of technique to creative balance. There is however always more to learn, now that’s exciting isn’t it?

EADF Attendees