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European Aerial Dance Festival

5th - 17th AUGUST 2019

About us

The European Aerial Dance Festival is now in its tenth year and we are thrilled to welcome participants from around the globe at all levels of their practice. #EADFest 2019 will run again as a 2-week festival but you can also choose to come just for 1 week, the weekend or Saturday only pic n’ mix cornucopia of delights, cyr wheel workshop and/or 2 –full day workshops!! As always we have an incredible team of tutors lined up for you with 2, yes 2 tutors to every technique class giving you even more bang for your bucks.

Full Timetable
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Our classes

Below are all the classes available this year over the two week Festival, each class has a description and informs you of the level the class will be taken. * Please note that all courses other than the weekend specials are one week long courses and NO classes are 'drop in’.

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Warm up

It is compulsory that you take a warm up if you are attending a morning class. We can’t stress enough how important a good warm up is to prepare you for your day ahead whilst also giving you some really useful information to take away and there’s a great selection to choose from.

A GYROTONIC® based movement class

A GYROTONIC® based movement class

A GYROTONIC® based movement class Seated on low stools, chairs or mats you’ll move the spine and pelvis through a series of arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiralling movements finding fluidity and connection in the body. This work applies wonderfully to aerial and feels great too.

Act Creation 19

Act Creation

An opportunity to work towards performance (in the friendliest most encouraging environment you could ever dream of), on Sat 17th over a 2 week long class (ideally).  Guided and mentored by Chantal, Danilo, Lindsey, Kat or Kate – whoop, whoop. What’s not to like.

Acro hand balance

Acrobatics & Hand Balance

This class is a wide-ranging approach to acrobatics and handstands that explores how the two can be combined to create interesting and alternative forms of movement all of which give you a greater breadth of spatial awareness to enhance your aerial understanding.

Aerial Dance Harness .jpg

Aerial Dance Harness

In this class we’ll work in solos and duets using climbing equipment and sit harnesses to create moments of suspension and flight whilst dancing on the floor.

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Aerial Dance Trapeze

ADT is a trapeze where the ropes are rigged to a single point forming a triangular shape allowing the trapeze to spin and the performer to move with ease (eventually) between the floor and the air.

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Cyr wheel

Cyr is a large steel or aluminium ring that makes a great dance/acro partner – given enough skill and training! This class has the added bonus of giving your body a break (albeit challenging) from aerial hanging.

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A single piece of fabric rigged as a long loop in which to explore that has the potential to offer more support to the body than traditional aerial fabric techniques.

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Contact Dance

Another great warm downin week 1 or warm up (if you’re starting later) in week 2 or just for the joy of dancing with other people under Magalie’s generous and sensitive tuition.

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Corde Lisse

Corde lisse or rope is exactly what it sounds like; a rope rigged from a single point on which to climb and find wraps, locks and descents. At a higher level it becomes a balancing apparatus with the potential for dynamic and release work.

Counterweight harness.jpg

Counterweight Harness

This class uses side pick up harnesses (2 points) with the flyer connected to another person (counterweighter) who works with them to find flight, ascents and descents.

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Also called silks, tissu or curtains – they’re not curtains! Consisting of a single piece of fabric, rigged from the middle to provide 2 tails of fabric on which to climb and find various wraps, or ‘locks and ‘keys’ to those in the know.

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Hula Hoop Technique and Play

A ground based, feet on the floor, loads of laughs class. Open to experienced hoopers and beginners with a focus on technique, individual goals and fun – did we mention fun!

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Injury Awareness Aerial Surgery

We’re incredibly fortunate to be joined by Circus specialist physiotherapist James Wellington in week 2 who will lead these sessions focussing in on a different topic and area each day in response to need and enquiry.

Lyra AKA aerial hoop

Lyra AKA Aerial Hoop

Looks like a hula-hoop hanging from the sky. A magical device of exquisite torture. For 1 week only we have the stunning Aisling with us to share her lyra knowledge. There will likely be spinning involved...

Massage and stretch

Massage and Stretch

Just the best way to finish up your day at the EADF if your day ends by 4pm! For the rest of us – soldier on and book in in week 2!

Multi corde Technique and creative lab

Multi corde Technique and creative lab

A festival 1st  for us to offer technique classes and creative classes for a whole week and though she’s been a festival regular for years it’s also Saar’s 1st year as a main festival tutor. Week 1 only though …

Rigging Fundamentals

Rigging Fundamentals for Aerial Performance

An intensive course designed for aerialists, aerial tutors or anyone interested in rigging as a career with one of the best rigging supremos’ in the land! . This course promotes a better understanding of the fundamental concepts of aerial rigging.

Vertical Dance creative lab pg.jpg

Vertical dance

Vertical Dance refers to the plane on which the dance exploration happens. Using climbing harnesses and equipment we upend the dance floor by 90 degrees, using the wall as our dance floor. Liberating, fun, at times strenuous and also discombobulating! There are a variety of classes to choose from here, technique, creative, doubles and rep.

Warm down

Warm Down

We highly recommend that where possible you take a led warm down as your tutors will still have some amazing gems to impart late in the day and will guide you towards what to do to help recovery for the next day.


Physio-Clinic with Katy

We’re delighted to be joined this year by physiotherapist Katy Chambers who will hold a pop-up clinic over 3 days this year including a Sunday clinic – hoorah. Sign up will be via a google appointment doc and not booked via the EADF website. The bookable link will appear once the festival is open.

Saturday special

Saturday Pic 'n' Mix Special

A veritable cornucopia of delights for you to try out throughout the day. We’ve gathered together fabulous skills and equipment that we’d love to be sharing throughout the week but well – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Feast you eyes, pick your faves and remember to stay for the performances and social supper in the evening.

Cyr Wheel Workshop

Cyr Wheel Workshop

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing so here’s a whole 3 hours of cyr wheel for you crazy kids.

Upside Down Noise

Upside Down Noise

A fabulous workshop for a Sunday – scream shout, let it all out. Brilliant for those who have wanted to try using their voices, brilliant for those who would like to use their breath more effectively to strengthen and support, and brilliant for those who already work with voice and would like to connect it to their aerial/acro.

Anatomy of an Aerialist

Anatomy of an Aerialist

Gary is a regular contributor to the 2-day Aerial symposium and in huge demand as a teacher. His approach to understanding more about the body is both accessible and fascinating and we are so lucky to have him with us for a whole day. Expect to have your mind blown.