Stuart Waters

Stuart Waters

Stuart is a queer, neurodiverse dance artist who advocates for diversity, mental health and emotional safety through safe practice awareness, training and public speaking. Having worked as performer and maker for 23 years with Protein Dance, Motionhouse and Wired Aerial Theatre, Stuart has become a dance maker in his own right, underpinning biographical art making with a therapeutic approach.

Stuart effects sector change inter/nationally whilst creating powerful, inclusive audience experiences. His mission to create dance theatre work that draws on human experience and story:

– telling it in a manner that is relevant and resonant to diverse audiences, encouraging them to reflect on choices and judgements.
-embedding therapeutic models and safeguarding techniques into practice, advocating inter/nationally for mental health safeguarding and best practice to challenge ableism and heteronormativity by centering diversity, inclusivity and intersectionality;
– working collaboratively to help disseminate and exchange knowledge
– and to develop and share an empowering approach that is liberating, challenging the limitations that self-doubt can impose.


Facebook: @rockbottomdancetheatre

Instagram: @stuart_waters