Rachel Freeman

Rachel Freeman is an independent dance artist based in Worcestershire, interested in improvisation, inclusive practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration. She led Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company in their celebrated aerial dance work (1995 – 2011) and has since been extending the practice with Everybody Dance.

She’s drawn to researching and making work with a range of artists in unusual settings: fields, woodlands, swimming pools, lifts, cathedrals etc.

Everybody Dance works with people who can be excluded from arts experiences; people with neuro divergences, physical, sensory, learning disabilities and impairments, and those with caring responsibilities.

Her work is influenced by a deep love of the natural world, being in the moment where our senses take over and triggers biophilia “the love of life”, the human drive to connect with nature and other living things.

Recent projects led by Rachel include ‘Sons and Mums’ a performance work created with Jo Fong with autistic men and their mums and ‘Great Outdoors’ a multisensory outdoor extravaganza of aerial workshops and training for all abilities delivered with Chez Dunford, Jess Allen, Grainne Young Monaghan, Abbi Saunders and Lindsey Butcher.

Rachel’s work is shifting in response to the changing world, treading more lightly and prioritising the wellbeing of the vulnerable.