Laura Pero

Originally from London, Laura has roots in dance and aerial circus. She currently specialises in, human movement enhancement through joint mobility & strength training with Kinstretch® (a training concept by Functional Range Systems®)

Since 1995 Laura’s work with her chosen physical disciplines has travelled her throughout the UK, Australia and France to train, practice, perform and teach. Alongside aerial circus, she maintained a Yoga practice and teaching studio for 20+ years.

Looking for solutions to her most lasting movement puzzles led Laura to discover Kinstretch® where she found the tools to recover some zones in her body which she had repetitively strained through years of overuse and how to regenerate a foundation of strong functional movement from which she can build more sustainable physical skills.

She has since completed 3 certifications within the Functional Range Systems® structure:
FRC® – Functional Range Conditioning,
FRA® – Functional Range Assessment
and Kinstretch® as a mobility specialist, analyst and group instructor.

Currently the only active, licensed Kinstretch® instructor in France, Laura offers training to both groups and individual clients (online and in person).

This system of thinking provides Laura with the concepts and tools by which she can apply her insight into human movement and her passion for helping people build better and healthier access to their movement.