Laila Umeko

Traveller at heart, Laila was born in South Africa, grew up in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and is currently to be found – at least most of the time – in Brussels, Belgium. After 5 years of circus studies and professional hanging upside down, the winds of the world will be blowing her across the channel, all the way to Worthing where she’ll gleefully flit around the EADF spreading her trapeze magic.

Well versed as a teacher, she is frequently sought after by trapezists and other aerial lovers for her creative style of moving through the air. Her stage
work is a fusion of contemporary circus and performance which seeks to question (the world), to challenge (stereotypes), to inspire (joy) and to discover (nothing, anything, everything).

Her research is anchored in the body, employing acrobatic movement, aerial dance and other elements to create a unique form of visual poetry. Her distinctive style and signature bright colours make it difficult to miss her in the rainy streets of the city she now calls home.