Iliana Atamaniuk

Iliana Atamaniuk is a professional circus artist specialising in aerial hoop!

She started circus at the age of 5 and never got away from it, graduating in 2023 from the professional circus school of Brussels, ESAC.

For several years now she has been travelling the world, teaching and sharing my experience of aerials and specially dynamics; how to be able to deal with the gravity and manage the hardest tricks in a conscious mindset and safe for the body.

I also specialise in ‘hanging’, how to be able to hang whilst being relaxed but building up endurance and strength which are very important in aerials, as we say ‘you first need to know how to walk before running’ well for us it’s “you first need to know how to hang before swinging“!!

I have also danced my whole life, learning different styles and it has always been part of my work in the air.