Erin Ball

Erin Ball (ze/zir) is a white neurodivergent double below knee amputee. Erin is a circus artist based near Katarokwi/Kingston, Ontario and the artistic director of Kingston Circus Arts. Erin achieved Disability membership in 2014 and took a year off. Erin then began the process of un-learning ableism, internalized ableism and its many intersections, as well as re-learning circus arts and delving into the world of creative accessibility. Erin strives to (and created a course about) welcoming the Mad, Deaf, Neurodivergent, Chronically Ill, and Disability community into the realm of circus (and movement-based) arts as artists, audiences, etc. Erin travels internationally to perform, teach, and collaborate, and has been a movement-based artist for more than 15 years.