Emmen Donnelly

Emmen is an accomplished and respected member of the Irish and UK aerial and circus community, currently working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His methods of practice help support Irish aerial training and performance with his Vertical Play workshops proving hugely successful and even pioneering Irelands first ever rope meet! A heavily sought after mentor and choreographer, he has paved a career creating accessible spaces for others to learn & perform.

His detailed and in-depth methodology aims to build a safe space for those wanting to break down the traditional elements of aerial acrobatics and has made him a touch stone to the aerial acrobatics/dance community in Ireland. He is always keen to get to the origin of movement patterns and gives others the support to understand what is traditionally known about physical application especially on Rope and Silks.

His ‘Loop Theory’ Sessions have been cited as helping others understand the anatomy of loops, knots and belays and how to use them to promote organic movement and pathways and push others to confidently tackle other elements of wraps, drops and risk at height safely. 

In his performance career, Emmen’s analytical and curious brain aims to create a sense of whimsy and freedom in the air, applied with a refreshing stroke of traditional dynamic technique. At over 6ft Emmen cuts an impressive physical presence on stage, and is highly respected for his creative application of aerial technique across all apparatus.