Delia Ceruti

Delia Ceruti is an Italian professional aerial artist whose work has largely been influenced by movement, and shaped by her desire to work on her own body’s strengths and weaknesses.

She started her circus training quite late in life in the UK, and being too late for circus school – she was told, she ended up being mainly self-taught.

Over the years she’s been specialising, and working worldwide as a creator and as a performer, in different aerial disciplines ranging from duo trapeze to rope, from fabric to hair suspension, from multicorde to dance trapeze.

The switch between disciplines, has often being driven by her need to express herself in ways that her “current specialty” wasn’t able to offer her.

She is interested in the possibilities of the moving body in the air, in crossing the line between different aerial disciplines, and in the development of an articulated body, in order to enrich each own individual aerial vocabulary to be able to better and more individually and effectively express oneself.

As a teacher, she brings all of her performing experience into the class, and students will benefit from her cross-disciplinary approach.

She has been teaching intensive workshops internationally, and collaborated with some European circus school like Cirkör Vertigo in Italy and Acapa in the Netherlands.

Instagram: @deliacircus