Carolina Cabañas

Carolina Cabañas has 22 years of experience in performing arts, mainly in contemporary dance, ballet Aerial dance and contemporary circus.

Within her training, it is worth highlighting her studies at the University of Costa Rica, Chalons en Champagne and Center National de Danse in France, also studied with Fred Deb, Roberto Magro Julio Revolledo, Rogelio López, Mariamalia Pendones, Álvaro Restrepo, Rob Tannion, Nina Grisio, Ana Prada,Compañía Delrevés, Kitsou Dubois, Chloe Monglia, Kate Lawrence, Lindsey Butcher, NANCY Smith, Damien Fournier, amongst many others.

She has participated in numerous national and international productions, including XLIII Cervantino Festival in Mexico, FIA ​​in Costa Rica, XXXVII Festival de Coreógrafos de Costa Rica , AERIAL dance Festival in USA,Les Rencontres de Danse Aerienne in France,, Irish Aerial Dance Festival inIreland, Fllor to Air Festival in USA, and has also taught in Croatia, Slovenia, El Salvador, and Panamá. She has created the first aerial dance festival in Latin America, the International Aerial Dance Festival of Costa Rica (FIDACR).

She also founded the first aerial dance school and company and the only aerial dance teacher training program in the country, already training more than 90 teachers. She currently teaches n a regular basis in Costa Rica and also coaches and mentors different artists around the world.

Her artistic development proposes a deep investigation of the dialogue between the body and its object (aerial apparatus) likewise, in its staging it seeks to merge aerial dance with dance, theatre, circus and technological resources.

Considered a precursor of aerial dance in Costa Rica, she continues to teach, promote and research new and better teaching techniques, promoting the professionalism of aerial dance in Costa Rica.