Fabric – Explorers/Improvers

4.15pm – 5.45pm – Week 1
Space B, chandelier 1 – Tutor Carolina Cabañas

Open to movers and aerialists at entry level. You should be able to hold your own body weight in your arms but no prior fabric experience is required.

We’ll begin each class with stretches and strengthening exercises specific to the equipment and move through basic vocabulary, building day-by-day towards short sequences and creative play by the end of the week.

12pm – 1.30pm – Week 2
Space B, chandelier 1 – Tutor Emmen Donnelly


If you’re looking to expand on your understanding of silk repertoire without exhausting your strength and endurance then these workshops with Emmen
are for you!

Here we will explore elements of loop theory that can be applied to rope and silks alike, and be supported with integrating it through pathways and explorative choreography throughout the week. We will make creative connections, linking together fundamental pathways as well as take small calculated risks with minor drops, releases and primary dynamic repertoire.

The delivery of these sessions over five days will be paced, detailed and rich with technical support, aerial awareness and solidification of inversion technique.

Fabric – Improvers and up

2.30 – 4pm – Week 1
Space E, central ‘mother truss’, closest to main doors – Tutor – Carolina Cabañas

Open to aerialists who have been training for at least a year with a regular practice and are comfortable with inversions, hip key, cross-back straddle, and foot lock in the air seeking to level up in skills and technique.

More than just tricks, we’ll dig into the capacity of the human body through skill building with an eye to how you can develop your own movement pathways within the acquisition of higher level tricks. What’s really going on with friction, slack, blocking, and c-shaping and what are progressions for bigger things like release moves and unlocked drops? Plus poetry of movement and investigating pathways to creating dances in the air.

Fabric – Intermediate and up

10.15 – 11.45 – Week 2
Space B, Chandelier 1 – Tutor Emmen Donnelly


If you ever wanted to expand upon your aerial repertoire as well as take an alternate look at what you already know then these intermediate vertical sessions over five days are for you!

Emmen will give you the opportunity to take a deeper look into his methodologies over the week on vertical apparatus, proposing playful challenges in a supportive fashion.

These sessions will run at an Intermediate UP skill level which will make room for paced learning as well as 1-2-1 feedback and tuition based upon your needs. We will also look at what’s “fashionable” in silks today and play with diversifying our understanding of traditional vertical technique!

Fabric – Skilled/Advanced

2.30pm – 4pm – Week 2
Space B, Chandelier 1 – Tutor Emmen Donnelly

INJECT – Dynamic & Energetic Patterning

Rope and Silk dynamics can be a powerful way of using explosive energy on vertical apparatus, but there are many other support means to creating dynamic physical elements to your overall training and performance.

Over a week of workshops Emmen will push your creative thinking, how you could connect your repertoire with an organic sensibility that allows space for tempos, swings, releases and drops to curate a “routine” by the end of the week.

Emmen’s repertoire will challenge your aerial execution whilst nourishing your yearning for more high energy performance.

There will be additional support material that will give you the opportunity to look at loop theory and throwing silks technique at a more advanced level.

Last Updated on March 8, 2024