Intro to Contortion – Improvers and Up

2.30pm – 4pm – Week 2
Space A, Dance Studio– Tutor – Carolyn Ailsa

An introductory course with a focus on building strength, stability and body awareness, suitable both for those new to contortion as well as those looking to further develop their skills.
It is recommended that attendees have some flexibility training experience but not necessarily contortion.

Day 1: Splits and backbends
Day 2: Backbends and intro to chest stands
Day 3: Splits and twists plus standing y balances and tilts
Day 4: Backbends and intro to forearm balances
Day 5: Sequencing requests and recaps

Prerequisites include:
Bridge – this does not need to be perfect, but attendees must be comfortable pushing into a bridge on their own
Splits – these do not need to be flat yet but attendees must be working towards flat front and middle splits

Last Updated on March 10, 2024