Cocoon – Improvers Up

10.15am -11.45am – Week 1
Space E, central ‘mother truss’, closest to main doors – Tutor Carolina Cabañas

Open to anyone and everyone looking to explore a more creative approach to their aerial technique.

You should be confident holding your own body weight in your arms and have a reasonable amount of core stability.

We will begin with basic conditioning exercises on the equipment, techniques of moving in and around the cocoon and learning some repertory.
The class will then move onto how we create and move the technical aspects covered within the class. The week will provide a toolbox of exercises and techniques to approaching learnt aerial movement and transforming your already known vocabulary into something new and exciting.

There will be time to fail, laugh, open and float. Come with an open mind and get ready for some exploring.

Wear close fitting exercise clothes – nothing too restricting or baggy, bare feet and if you are new to aerial a few layers especially on the legs and around the waist.

Last Updated on March 8, 2024