Anatomy of an Aerialist

Anatomy of an Aerialist

11th August

Anatomy of an Aerialist


Creation Space
Gary Carter
Lindsey Butcher
Sunday 11th August
10.00AM - 4.00PM
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Anatomy of an Aerialist - Gravity in practice and life
Sun 11th August 10am - 4.00pm
The Creation Space - Gary Carter & Lindsey Butcher

Gary Carter demonstrates how a knowledge of practical anatomy and the myofascial map of the body can help practitioners make intelligent choices about the way they use their bodies, informing their practice and life.

We’ll begin the day looking at the bodies weights and masses, its counter-balancing mechanisms, spirals and the connected ‘fascial sling’ relationships between the arms, pelvis and legs, helps us to understand how they reinforce the Elastic strength.

We’ll then move into practical applications to demonstrate some of these fascial slings this both on and off the ground using the aerial equipment available to us in the studio.

Bring practise clothes, a notebook, pens, pencils and your curiosity, expect to sit for periods of time interspersed with some physical activity.